zondag 21 februari 2010

Weber carbs

Last summer i bought a pair Weber 34 ICT carbs with some worn out bushes (the ones on the throttle-shaft). It makes the engine run a bit bad.. So last week i finally started to dismantle one of the carbs.


I also bought a very handy book!

These screws have to come loose!

The bushes are marked with the red arrow.

On the dutch bay-forum there was someone who offered to help me out with replacing the bushes and check the other parts of the carbs. I asked him about placing a fuel regulator because the Weber carbs like lesser pressure than the (standard) fuelpump will give. It wouldn't be nessary if the float needles close perfect.
This guy is somebody with a lot of knowlege on vw engines. Here's a photo of his own oldspeed baywindow engine:


This engine has enough torque and power, even from 3rd gear going trough a corner and it picks up beautifull and there are no rpm drops between the gears.
Engine specs: stock crank,1641cc, Schleicher 292 degree cam, Riechert 34 pci carb set(polished inlet manifolds), NOS stock heads with a compressio ratio of 1:7.8 and polisched inlets ports and valves, Bosch 010 distibutor,the crank, rods and flywheel are fine ballanced. This engine runs with a modified beetle exhaust. And the gearbox code is CE.

This guy is also going to help me place the Weber carbs. It will take about 2 months due to work. I don't mind as i can learn a lot from him!

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